VPD250-Automatic 4 sides seal wei tissue machine(robot arm type)

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Product details

Technical parameter

ltem/model VPD250 VPD350
Packaging form Horizontal Four-side sealing
Package material CPP. PE. BOPP/CPP film. PE film. BOPP film
Inner material 30-80g/m2 ( Air laid paper,nonwoven,spun lace nonwoven fabric etc)
Raw material inner roller diameter ⑦70-75mm ⑦70-75mm

Packing specification
80-125mm 80-125mm
Folding way (Max 10 foldinci vertical,and 4 foldina horizontal)
Liquid added range 0-5ml 0-5ml
Packing speed 60-100(bags/min) 60-100(bags/min)
Total power 4.5KW 4.5KW
Power supply type 220V 50/60Hz 220V 50/60Hz
Machine noise <65db( A) <65db( A)
Air supply 0.7 MPa 0.7 MPa
Air consumtion 300-500L/min 300-500L/min
Outline dimensions 3000x2600x1800mm ( L*W*H ) 3000x2600x1800mm ( L*W*H )
Machine weight 1100kg 1260kq
S\tstem loadinq ranqe 25-125,宽20-25

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