VPD 300-Alcohol Swab Packing Machine

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Product overview:
It adopts multi row sliver cutting, liquid adding, sealing and other intelligent actions to complete at one time. The speed is fast and the size of adding liquid issuitabletoall kinds of alcohol pads, cotton swabs, face masks, sanitary napkins, cards, accessories and so on.

Technical parameter
Project / model VPD300
Equipment weight 1500 kg
power 7 kw
Voltage 380V 50 / 60Hz
pack Dialysis paper / composite membrane, paper membrane and other composite materials
Filling range Water, alcohol, skin care solution 0-10ml to
Interior material Non woven fabric, cotton sliver, cotton sheet, sanitary napkin, mask, accessories, card, cotton swab, etc
Packaging speed 100-120 T / min
arrange 1-4 bar (color) arrangement
Machine dimensions 4980x1000x1800mm
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