Fully Automatic Tube Filling Machine For Metal Toothpaste Soft Cream Paste

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Auto Cosmetic Cream Lotion Soft Alu Tube Filling and Sealing Machine Manufacturer

Main Features

The hose is placed neatly in the large-capacity pipe hopper. After the automatic feeding device, the hose is automatically inserted into the positioning die after being aligned, and the positioning die rotates with the turntable and stays at different working positions. The paste to be filled is put into a closable conical barrel, and the piston type quantitative filling valve directly connected with the barrel is accurately and automatically injected into the empty tube intermittently staying at the filling station, and the large tray continues to rotate. The hose that has been filled with the paste is quickly taken to the flattening station, and then transferred to the mechanical manual position to seal the aluminum tube and complete the coding.

Product Application

We make design of the machine according to the world advanced paper and nonwoven packaging machinery technology, our wet wipes packing machine is suit for the manufacture of moist towelettes in any size and Packaging. but,it need to changed the different heater platens for manufacture different size moist towelettes , so good communication is the first step to letting us know which type wet wipes or what's the size of the wet wipes you are preparing to produce.

Main Technical Parameter
 Hose material Metal tuve
Filling volume
   Filling accuracy   ≤±1%
  Tube length   50-200mm
Tube diameter
Φ13- Φ35
Operating speed
  Working pressure    0.55-0.65Mpa
Compressed Air Consumption
  Over 600L/min
Motor Power
Overall dimension
Machine weight


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Packing & Delivery

Any questions about the machine, please contact with me.

1.what's the delivery time?
--It's about 30days
2.how many container request for this machine
--Suggest ship by LCL.

3.Are you a manufacturer?

--Yes,We have been packaging machinery over 14 years.

4.what about the payment term ?

--Mostly 30%T/T in advanced,the rest need paid before shipping.

5.What information should i let you know if i want to get a quotation?

--Quantity--What's the bag size?

--What's the unfold wipe size ?

--What's the folding way ?

--how many ml of each bag?

--What's the inner material and outter material ?

6.what's your advantages ?

--17 years experience:We have been in making machinery for 17 years.

--Customers all over the world

--Certificate: CE certificate

--Fast reply:Our team will reply you soon.

--After-sale service:We have a after sale department , service for your problems and dealing with spare parts.

Welcome to our website. If you have any requests or suggestions,please feel free to email us at helen@simple-machinery.com or use the following enquiry form. Please allow us to provide you with the best service.