VPD250-The 20 Generation of Full automati Four-side Sealing Wet Wipes Packing Machine

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Product features
1. The machine work steadily and continiously t is suitable for four-side sealing products of all types wet wipes/tissue, alcohol swabs/pad and so on
2. Adopts Japan dosing pump. make it accurate adding withtolerance of +0.01m/time Multical kinds of liquid are available. it can add per liquid per bag or add all the liquid in the same bag and speed according to the packing material, products thickness and length.senoeture
3. The machine is easy to operate, PLC touch panel, could adjust the packing temper motor controlled by light, electric and air power failures can be self-diagnosised and displays clearly
4. The language in the touch sceen can be special designed.
5. The film releasing device is added independently, with independent dust-free cover no dust, sanitary and easy to clean
6. Corner angle, no waste device, free switching, no waste, simple, fast, with added value
7. Innovative design of independent pressure wheel traction structure, stripping air pressure control, more stable operation
8. Innovative design of 90 degree automatic product output mechanism, so that the finished product is smoother and more beautiful 

Technical parameter
Model VPD250 VPD350
Packaging form Horizontal quadrilateral seal
packaging PET / AL / PE,PET / AL / CPP,纸/ PE / AL / PE,PET / PE,BOPP / PE / AL / PE,PET / AL / NY / PE
Interior materials 30-80g / m2 lace non-woven fabric, etc
Diameter of inner roll of raw material 70-75mm 70-75mm
Package specification length 40-140mm(max. 220mm) 80-175mm(max. 220mm)
Package specification width 40-100 mm
folding type Max10 vertical fold, 4 horizontal fold
Range of liquid addition 0-5 ml 0-5 ml
Packaging speed 60-120bag / min 40-10bag / min
power 4.8 kw 4.8 kw
Computer type Single phase two wire system 220V 50 / 60Hz Single phase two wire system220V 50 / 60Hz
Machine noise ≤64.9db(A) ≤64.9db(A)
Air supply 0.6-1.0mpa air consumption 300-500umin
The outline darkens 3500x2600x1800mm 3500x2600x1800mm
Machine weight about 1100kg About 1260kq
Packaging scope Wipes 100-180 picgmin, cotton 300-600 picgmin
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