VPD800-High Speed Full Automatic Multi-Lanes Alcohol Swabs Packing Machine

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Product overview:
According to the requirements of domestic and foreign customers, feedback design of multi-functional packaging machine. Full servo control, automatic cutting,folding and adding Liquid, packaging, cutting and otherfunctions.Can be designed and produced according to the requirements of customers,fast speed, smooth operation, is alcohol cotton raw Manufacturers preferred

Technical parameter
Item/model VPD800
Product size 4.7x5.0/50x50mm 50x55/4.7x5.5
Total power 5.5KW
Voltage 380V 50/60Hz
Packing speed Per minute: 800-1500 tablets in 8 rows / 600-1000 tablets in 6 rows
Outline dimensions 3800×1200×1800mm
Machine weight 1100Kg
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