VPD600-Full automatic paperboard box corrugated carton packing machine

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Product overview:
Designed to meet the highest manufacturing standards in the pharmaceutical industry. The equipment can adaptto the production of modern pharmaceutical industry All the different needs of. The real packaging process istransparent and visual, intelligent monitoring system and control system, full line with GMP requirements ensure the highest safety performance and maximum efficiency

Product features
1.AII aluminum alloy body with organic broken glass protective door is beautiful and elegant.
2.Integrated design of automatic packing machine.
3. The concept of modularity is widely used.
4. Quickand intuitive specification adjustment instructions.
5. Equipped with various monitoring devices to ensure safety and stability.
6. Four servo control system to ensure the accuracy ofthe action position.
7. The gripper can be easily changed to adapt to different products.
8. The whole machine is in accordance with GMP standard. 

Technical parameter
Item/model VPD600
Throughput <200
Manipulator grasping production capacity 10(times / min)
Sealing method Tape or hot melt adhesive
Carton Size minimum value 300X250X200mm Maximum 550X500X400mm
Power Supply Power Supply:AC380/50HZ Power consumption:7.5kw
Air source pressure:0.6MPaGas consumption: less than 1 m3 / h
Dimensions (L x W x H) 5000*2000*2900mm
Weight 2500(kg)
Main materials Aluminum alloy, 304 stainless steel
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