VPD98-III-Full Automatic 3-steps Face Mask Making Machine

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Product overview:
This is designed to meet the special requirements of mask packaging.Equipment. It can handle the cutting,folding and filling of the mask accurately.Reverse turn multi bag filling, Integrated packaging technologyand inspection of multi process At the same time, the equipment can flexibly use different materials in different bag types Material filling, and according to the customers requirements for customer tailor-made.

Technical parameter
3steps face mask pre-made bag
Package material
Mask material Facial sheet
30~80g/m2 Spun Non-woven/Lyocell/silk/cotton
Mask material carrier sheet
polypropylene fiber
Inner diameter and max Outter diameter
Inner diameter 75mm ; max outter diamater 1000mm
Die-cut(Mask shape)
Customized design
Length 200~260mm width 200~260mm
Packing speed
80-110 bags/min
Pump and add liquid
Essence Fluid 0-50ml;                      Bag 2: Fluid 0.8-2.0ml
50ml                     Bag 3: Fluid 0.8-2.0ml
Voltage 3phase 4wires 380V 50/60HZ
Supply power About 32KW
Air consumption >2.0m3/min
Air supply 0.6-1.0 MPa
Machine weight 8000Kg
Machine size 13500mm x 2860mm x 2230mm
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