VPD400-Full automatic face mask production line

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Technical parameter
ltem/model VPD400
Product size Length: 60mm~200mmxwidth: 80mm~200mm(L*W)
Package material CPP,PE,BOPP CPP film,PE film,BOPP film

Inner diameter and max Outter diameter

The inner diameter of the packing film is 75mm,and the diameter of the inner core is 350mm
Mask material 40~80g/m2 Spun Non-woven/pearl film/hot roll non-woven/silk

Inner diameter and max Outter diameter
Inner diameter 75mm;max outter diamater 1000m
Unfolded Mask size LXW:230~260mm Length 230~260mm width 230~260mm
Packing speed 50 ~ 65 bags / min 50 ~ 65 bags / min
Pump and add liquid Essence Fluid 3~30ml; precision +0.5ml; the coefficient of viscosity should under the 20000(cp)
Power supply Three-phase four wire 380V 50/60Hz
Machine weight 7000kg
Machine size 7350x2890x2030mm
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