VPD400-Fully Automatic Face Mask Packing Machine(film Roll. Pre-made Pouch)

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Product overview:
This machine is mainly used for surface type non-woven mask production,the machine adopt Japan YASKAWA servo motor control.Mask folding way and package sizes can be flexible adjustment,no need to replace any parts on the equipment.The machine can run in the whole lines zit can also be an extension run separately,more automatic and flexible.

Technical parameter
Item/model VPD400(rolling style) VPD400(Giving bag style)
Product size Length :80-200mm  Width90-200mm Length:100-220mm Width:100-220mm
Mask material Facial sheet  30~80g/m2 Spunlaced nonwovens / cotton / silk / non silk, etc 30~80g/m2 Spunlace Non-woven/Lyocell/silk/cotton
Mask material Carrier sheet  Pearlescent film / PP cotton PET/Polyester /polypropylene fiber
Inner diameter and max Outter diameter Inner core diameter 75mm ;Maximum outer diameter 1000mm Inner diameter 75mm ; max outter diamater 1000mm
Die-cut(Mask shape) Customized design
Unfolded Mask size Length 200~260mm Width:200~260mm
Packing speed 50-70bags/min 50-70bags/min
Pump and add liquid The range of adding liquid is within 50ml  Essence Fluid max 50ml; precision ±l%;the coefficient of viscosity should under the 20000(cp)
Voltage 380V 50/60Hz Three -phase four wire 380V 50/60Hz
Supply power 18KW 16KW
Air consumption ≥ 400 l / min >0.4m3/min(w-1.0/10 air compression machine is needed)
Air supply 0.6-1.0 MPa
Machine weight 7000Kg 6000Kg
Machine size 7360mmx2860mmx2230mm 5860mmx2860mmx2230mm
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